The work is extremely effective for inner personal change that creates changes in the outer world.Working with a palette of soft pink, grey and cream inspired from the invitation, this first communion dinner was simple and elegant.Soul retrieval is working with spiritual aspects of illness due to loss of power. A portion of our soul can leave our body during emotional or physical trauma in order to survive.

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If the organisation doesn’t bother to train them for it, how can it be important?

So a lack of training can contribute to the problem.

giving feedback, delegating, developing people, building teams.

It should be obvious, but being good at something you’ve trained for, e.g.

So I have some sympathy with people who suffer from “Reluctant Manager Syndrome” or RMS as I’ll call it. He or she tries to ignore the “managing” bit and just do their “proper” job, which is the one they thought they were meant to be doing and probably the one they were trained for.

The main signs of RMS are: What is to be done about RMS?

Sandra shows how to use the ancient technique of transmutation to change ourselves and the environment.

It is about creating a space that allows change to occur versus trying to make change happen.

RMS is largely a problem of attitude, but it’s also a question of skills.