If your Exchange server requires certain security settings you might see the following pop-up after finishing the setup.

If this is the case you must approve the security update in order to sync E-mail, calendar and contacts.

Find out more about settings and what to do if you change your password.

Using your network operators SMTP generally doesn’t require sign-in. If you have a working Internet connection but still not able to connect to your E-mail server or sync your E-mails check that no Proxy server within your APN settings may be blocking this.

You can check this by going to Settings Your Internet APN.

When creating a new meeting in the calendar application make sure that you’ve chosen your Active Sync account as calendar when creating the meeting. In most of our models you can access the GAL by opening the contacts application and tap the search icon.

This will search the Global Address List on your exchange server.

You can also verify suspected Internet connection issues by trying via a Wi-Fi network instead.

Active Sync protocol version If you get the error message above your Exchange server is using security settings which are not supported by the Android native Exchange Active Sync application.Check if any details are set for Proxy and Proxy port.If yes you can try to delete them (temporarily) and save the APN.Now check if you’re able to connect or sync with your E-mail server.You can also verify suspected Internet connection issues by trying via a Wi-Fi network instead. By default our E-mail application is set to only mirror the server. To be able to sync sent E-mails in the phone you must have configured an IMAP or Exchange Active Sync account. If you’re not using the same SMTP server as network operator in your phone you might experiencing problems sending E-mail via mobile networks.Here you can also set if the server should delete the E-mails if you delete them in your phone. This normally requires a sign-in on the SMTP server.