The Data Set contains a collection of one or more Data Table objects made up of rows and columns of data, as well as primary key, foreign key, constraint, and relation information about the data in the Data Table objects." Here is a list of the data providers in use: Note that the Data Reader is a connected, forward only, read only stream of data that is retrieved from the database.

It requires an open connection so it works in the connected mode.

This is often implemented by relying on the database itself.

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There are two basic approaches towards locking - optimistic and pessimistic.

One would consider an optimistic locking scenario when the likelihood of a concurrency condition is low.

It comprises of a collection of classes and namespaces that you can use to perform database operations in both connected and disconnected modes.

This is the first part of a series of articles on ADO. NET architecture comprises of the following major components: Data Set: An in-memory disconnected representation of database Data Provider: This encapsulates the protocols used to interact with databases The Data Set is an in-memory, disconnected representation of the database and contains one or more tables and constraints.

This competition for data is known as a concurrency condition and can result in a lack of integrity in your database or worse, a loss of data. He is currently working on updating the payment terms associated with each of the customer accounts in the Widget Store Customer Database.

He opens each record, makes the edits and saves the changes to the database.

When he gets to customer XYZ, he retrieves the record to edit it but he is distracted by a lengthy phone call.

Meanwhile, Sally, who works at the customer support desk, receives a call from someone at Company XYZ.

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The Update method is used to update the database with changes based on the data in a Data Set.