Not only I met new people, but I met people that my shallow behind like to see and that really made me felt really good about being there.It was like those cruise ships where they put all the singles people at the table but you specify what kind of sexy you want to see and they deliver that for you.We didn’t even know each other and started talking about Black male/female relationships, food, places we been and where people would like to travel to, they got friends and other places we can hang out and all of us brothas said “bowling! Here is the thing – I liked all three of the sistas and didn’t have to be all on one of them that night.

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My Experience with Group Dating A few weeks ago, I did a group dating event and this was an experiment that someone is working on to create this type of site in the African-American community.

I told her that I wanted to date stripper/model type sistas and hang with brothas who like those kind of sistas.

I remember sistas showing up and having a flat booty and I specifically would write in my personals ad “NO FLAT BOOTY CHICKS! But with all this Craigslists and early release serial killers, deadbeats, down-low brothas and married or separated or bipolar women pretending they single all on the Internet trying to date, I cannot imagine any brotha or sistas seriously setting themselves up or making arrangement to have a chance encounter with what’s on the Internet today.

By the way, I have to interrupt this article with something I heard the week before last.

We met at an upscale boutique hotel lobby here in the Atlanta area and it was us three brothas who like sistas with stripper bodies and it was three sistas who were all stacked hard!

I didn’t know these guys but they were like the best friends I ever had as we were gawking these sistas when we saw them come in like little kids at the ice cream truck!

Can This Be Done in the African-American Community?

I think this type of group dating site can only occur in emerging African-American communities filled with people who moved to the city and they don’t know each other.

No one felt pressured in a one-on-one situation and they said they felt safer.

So overall, we see that team dating creates an atmosphere where you don’t have to be pressured when meeting someone for the first time online.

He actually paid them and I thought that was a pretty scummy but highly effective business model that use public domain mugshot pics and SEO them and blackmail cats to pay to remove it.