According to her, she got a “non-surgical” nose job – but we’re not exactly sure what that means.

Here is the before and after: Here’s her new face: Tahiry is infamously Joe Budden’s ex.

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You could ask me if Joe and I will have a future, I can’t tell you. I’ve lived my ex’s dream for a long time so now it’s time for me to live mine. The minute the show aired, people were banging their phones like ‘Yo you love this man. It’s like you have to bring a boo to work day for them to understand your work.

Do you think that puts other men off when they see how you and Joe are together? We filmed this six months ago but [the audience is] just starting to see the episode. Friends are like you have no time for me and I’m like if you were around me for a day, you’d understand.

There was a Breakfast Club interview where Joe talked about breaking into your house and hiding under the bed. If Tahiry’s single then it’s cool, but the minute he smells that Tahiry’s on to something, then he gets involved.

"Love & Hip Hop: New York" star Tahiry Jose says her life has been derailed after being brutally attacked by a male model ... Tahiry is suing Carlos Fiasco, whom she says beat her to a pulp and dragged her by her hair backstage at a New York Fashion Week modeling show.

But this week, Budden and Santana opened up about their relationship on their Instagram pages and finally let the world in on their romance.

Budden was the first to make their relationship public as he revealed that Santana was planning a surprise to celebrate his 36th birthday, which was August 31. And recently fans have been talking about his alleged romance with former with fellow “Love & Hip Hop” co-star Cyn Santana.Now, after weeks of reports, Budden and Santana have confirmed what many already assumed: they’re an item. You’re special @joebudden please don’t ever forget that,” Santana captioned the photo.March 17, 2017: Plastic surgery has become as common these days as makeup.The latest internet celebrity to get her nose done is Love & Hip Hop’s Tahiry Jose.Fashion show production people tell us, Fiasco became irritated at Tahiry because she was acting "too Hollywood." Tahiry -- who dates Joe Budden -- says the attack was so bad she can't work, but it's unclear what work she lost.