Being a type 19 these planes have a very thick finish on the Rosewood handle & knob that has a tendency to chip as it has on this example.

Condition is really the most critical aspect in relation to value.

Most Stanley #602's sell in a range from 500 - 1200 depending on condition and whether or not corrugated. The Rosewood handle is nice but could use a coat of finish / oil.

The body dates from near or before the turn of the century and is a type 7 or so.

The upper portion of the cutter was rusty and has been cleaned leaving some pitting.

They are considered much harder to find than most earlier model 2 size planes.

This is a type 19 and about the end of an era for Stanley plane quality.

Note: The value of Stanley Bedrock planes has remained pretty stable over the years.

Prices rose when Walters price guides first came out, demand and interest were high, and then fell somewhat about the time of 9 - 1 -11 and the following recession. That happened with a lot of antique tools & other collectibles.

This #602 Stanley Bedrock Smooth Plane is a very nice plane. From its features it appears to be a type 9 which was only produced in 1931 - 1932 according to the Bob Kaune type study. The one apology is the small nick in the lever cap as shown in the pics.