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greetings from sunny melbourne, I’ve decamped here for the next few months and have some incredible news forthcoming about my new record, stay tuned…will be letting the magic shit hit the fan in the next week or so.

better yet, get the blog emailed straight to your inbox: HERE. i already wrote a blog about the recording of this song back in june, but the video is another matter, and i’d like to do some explaining.

i’d been googling and found out things about the song i’d never known…from wiki: Bass player Krist Novoselic remembers Kurt Cobain writing “Polly” after reading a newspaper article about the abduction, torture, and rape of a 14-year-old girl who had just finished attending a rock show in Tacoma, Washington. you can either kick me back directly through paypal using the button below, or if you want to take some MUSIC TOO (even better, yay!

In June 1987 Gerald Arthur Friend picked up a 14-year-old female friend after leaving a concert at the Tacoma Dome. ) go to the store section and kick me back through paying what you want for an album or a, i decided it might be a fun idea to make a low-budget video for “polly” with michael in the director’s chair & his pal sarah lasley behind the camera.i wrote the treatment one night in san francisco, while i was on tour with neil (and, coincidentally, waiting in a bar for noah briton to bring me my passport, which i’d left in…….story…dude saved my ASS) and emailed it over to we’re releasing it – a brand new master with some cleanups to the mix thanks to chad and michael – direct through my website/bandcamp for cost donation.this is always the deal with cover songs since we need to pay about 50¢ a song for royalty rates plus the paypal fees to charge ANYTHING AT ALL (which is, indeed, weird). but i won’t see as much from any of those places so as always, DIRECT=the best way.“Being an actress is just like being a politician”- Ruwanthi Mangala Can we make sense of this widespread attack on the rush of cine and tele-cine actresses onto the political stage in Lanka in time for the Provincial Council elections? I just received one that refers to these young women as “kirimandala” (milk machines) and using photo shop creativity to highlight their breasts.