A racial group is defined as a group of persons established through reference to race, colour, ethnic and national origins.

A religious group is defined as a group of persons established through reference to particular religious beliefs or lack of religious beliefs.

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A new law came into force under the Serious Crime Bill last December.

It has targeted people who physically, emotionally and psychologically abuse their spouses, partners or family members.

The Crown Prosecution Service has stated that this kind of abuse would be treated as an offence that includes a pattern of humiliation, threats and intimidation.

Cases of domestic abuse have frequently been prosecuted on charges of common assault; now, they can also be prosecuted criminally under charges of damage, threat to life, harassment and sexual assault.

It has now come to light under the new domestic abuse law that all domestic abusers who coerce victims through the social media channels or spy on their victims online would be facing up to five years of imprisonment under the new law which is currently in force.

This has paved the way for charges to be pressed in cases where evidence is collected to prove coercive or controlling behaviour.

It was later amended by the Protection of Freedoms Act of 2012.

The Act now allows for taking out restraining orders to prohibit defendants from harassing their victims.

It is always beneficial to be aware of the laws and their legislation concerning issues pertaining to physical and emotional violence in the United Kingdom.