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If this sounds like you, Dating Boot Camp may be able to help you answer those questions. It is a 5-week workshop that offers an in-depth look at personal factors that contribute to or detract from dating success.

The group requires a fair amount self-reflection and a willingness to give and receive honest feedback.

He’s known as the ” pitbull of personal development “.

One thing he says is that you need to show integrity in whatever you do.

A lot of service these days is so poor that, if people just do what they say they’ll do, turn up when they say they’ll turn up and not make you chase them to get things done, that counts as pretty impressive.

I’m surprised myself when some of my own clients say they’re pleased because they can depend on me to do what I say I’ll do. It’s amazing how many people don’t actually do that. Are you seen as someone who is reliable, efficient, a ” safe pair of hands “?

I won’t name names but this includes: • getting a well-known online bookshop to sort out books which never arrived • getting a high street bank to send me my statements which they have told me 3 times they would send but haven’t • chasing a local builder for a quote for paving the drive which he promised days ago • reminding the people who fitted our bathroom that we’re still waiting for them to come back and replace something they said they’d fix 3 weeks ago • trying to get a mobile phone network to send me the sim card they promised me 2 weeks ago Spot the theme here?

When I talk to people about customer service, I usually say that you need to do more than what’s expected to make a real impression on customers. If they just get what they pay for they’re not going to be particularly impressed. I’m prepared to lower the bar in terms of my expectations.

If you’re thinking, ” Well, I don’t work with customers or clients, this isn’t relevant to me “, think again. You probably provide a service of some sort, perhaps to others in your organisation. Can people give you a task and know that it will be completed on time?

Or are you seen as someone who needs chasing to get things done, someone who can’t be relied on to meet deadlines, someone who needs to be supervised and monitored?

College Yearbooks are more than just a collection of photos.