First I though maybe my files where converted with errors, but I checked them and it's all good. So there is some kind of a problem with in-game player in "Sex Chat" location.3. As Tom said it should show Down Town videos, but never got any video and tried a lot of times. Relation to "2" or "4" and the Scene Button for this Scene is disable and the Pay Button is active. Somehow in-game player is not responding correctly and shows videos to be broken. I have put all the girlpacks with Down Town Street location, tried to test, but non of them appeared using Sex Videos location and somehow only one girl appeared walking in Down Town... So as earlier, I suggest to make a separate location for Sex Videos, cuz actually in those you could put whatever you want... You can see a girl showering or a couple having sex. Presentation Manager.b__3(Object sender, Event Args args) at System.

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I created only one scene for the test, but I need the fix for further development. Cuz regulary it would be a girl with other scenes from a girlpack that have some Sex Videos. The "event for voyeur" was a suggestion from a other user.

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In the Down Town-Location you have by "Walk the Streets" four possibilities:a) fuck a bitchb) see a sexvideo ("event for voyeur")c) meet a girl in Down Townor d) walking down the streets without girls Variant b) also works by Home Learning.