Carrie was prone to heartbreaks but turned to fashion for solace each time something bad happened and Miranda was the career-oriented, ambitious lawyer with a soft side.

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Charlotte married a handsome and caring Trey Mc Dougal but everything seemed wrong till she met the physically unattractive Harry Goldenblatt.

Miranda was never close to her mother but couldn’t help breaking down when she had passed away.

She’s a self-proclaimed professional bathroom singer and believes that caffeine runs through her veins.

This adrenaline junkie loves to pen down a million thoughts gushing through her mind at any instant and is very vocal about LGBTQ rights.

Samantha went to get breast implants and discovered cancer instead.

These girls and the situations they were in taught us that some things just happen without a reason and life isn’t always fair.The four protagonists Carrie Bradshaw, Samantha Jones, Miranda Hobbes and Charlotte York through their characters, relationships, friendships, have contributed to our existing ideologies in different ways.Here are a few things from the popular sitcom which still hold true: The power of single women For most of the seasons, the four women remained single with occasional flings and relationships.One of the most powerful spiritual teachers of our age, Marianne Williamson, often poses the question, “What could be more intimate than that we are each other?” Tantra guides the path to (inter)personal enlightenment; it allows two human beings to see into each other’s hearts, and to access physical and emotional nakedness that is transformative, deeply real, and totally f**king divine.Enjoyed reading the article and I can completely relate to the fear factor associated with public speaking.