Some of the topics covered are: Problems, Orgasm, Physiology, Internalized Homophobia, Fantasies, Sex and the Rest of our Lives, What We Do in Bed, Exercises.

From the publisher - A best-selling, comprehensive book on lesbian sexuality, covering both theory and practical exercises.

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A sharp journalistic style combined with experience and snappy quotes makes fast and witty reading.

(GAY COMMUNITY NEWS ) Emma Healey is a freelance writer.

Symptoms include painful blisters and ulcers around the genital area, although some women may have no symptoms. Women with genital warts do not need more regular smear tests than those without them. These STIs are caused by bacteria, which can infect the cervix, rectum, throat and urethra.

There are a variety of treatment options, including freezing and medicated creams. Trichomoniasis can be passed between women during any sexual activity that involves the exchange of vaginal fluid. There may be a discharge, but usually there are no symptoms.

I bought this book because it is recommended reading by Tee A.

Corinne in her anthology `Lovers - love and sex stories'.

The book is organized like an encyclopedia of terms relating to lesbian sex, and is very informative, but just seems a little simple in some cases.

Overall, a helpful aid but it won't enlighten you with any new ideas.

That said, it's apparently been helpful to many others...