"The Division of Social Sciences is incredibly grateful to the Webster Foundation," said Social Sciences Dean Sheldon Kamieniecki."The allocation of these funds, along with support from the campus and the division, represents a major first step toward realizing the Webster Foundation's vision for reviving the important historic area in the south campus.Register Now and start meeting people looking to hook up tonight.

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Plans call for dismantling the structure and reusing as much existing material as possible.

Construction will begin in a year with occupancy expected in September 2015 – during the campus's 50th anniversary year.

"The barn was critical to shipping lime to market," said Frank Perry, president of the Friends of the Cowell Lime Works Historic District.

"It sheltered the oxen that pulled the wagons of lime to the wharf and stored fuel (in the form of hay) for the oxen." "That's our history; that's the history of the campus," Webster said.

The first stage would be to deconstruct and catalog historic pieces of the building and rebuild a weather-tight shell on the same site, using the vintage timber-joining techniques.

A recommended second stage will add interior improvements, making the structure suitable for exhibitions and meetings.

The ratio was not so important to Christa, who said she liked how the mix of surfers and college students was “generally pretty accepting of things that are normally considered not normal.” The self-described queer, feminist, vegetarian said she found it much easier to find dates in the small town vibe of Santa Cruz than in San Francisco. Instead Verve Coffee Roasters, a crepe and a stroll at Seabright Beach were how she planned to spend the day.

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"We see it as a place for people to gather, celebrate, learn, and hope it will inspire other private donors to join the project." The Webster Foundation gift is among the largest single gifts to UC Santa Cruz and is part of a university-wide effort to increase investment in UCSC's people and programs.