When Rosaleen and Lily walk uptown, they are confronted by three racist men who insult Rosaleen. After T-Ray and Lily get home, T-Ray punishes Lily sending her to her bedroom and he and Lily argue.When Lily calls him a liar, he again tells her to stay in her room.

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Lily's mother holds out her hand for Lily to hand her the gun.

Then, a gunshot is heard and Lily states that she accidentally killed her mother, while trying to help her when she was young.

Soon after, Lily meets with Zach and they start to talk about each other's futures.

Lily confesses she loves English and wants to become a writer as Zach confesses he wants to become a lawyer.

She sees everyone's problems as her concern and she has difficulties coping with her "extra problems".

Lily lies and says that she is an orphan, that Rosaleen is a nanny, and that they have no place to stay.The box contains her mother's gloves, a small photograph of her mother, and a flat wood carving of the Black Madonna.She unbuttons the bottom part of her blouse and sets the carving on her stomach. The next morning, the housekeeper Rosaleen surprises Lily with a cake for her 14th birthday.They find a honey jar with the same picture of the Virgin Mary that Lily had.When they ask who made the honey, they are led to the house of August Boatwright and her sisters, May and June.The film is noted for Queen Latifah's critically acclaimed performance as August Boatwright.