His red brick house was a good example of the city's historical architecture, yet it was demolished to make way for a modern shopping centre.

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While teaching students about the architecture of his native Perm, Roman Yushkov has seen many of the Russian city’s finest buildings become history.

He laments their passing, criticises the officials who let it happen, and wonders what the future holds for a place with no visible past.

Several listed buildings have been deliberately torn down in the last few years: the wing of the Berezin mansion, for example, which stood right in the geographical centre of the old city, beside the Central Post Office.

The Mechanic’s House of the famous Perm Cannon factory, the enterprise around which the city began its growth in the 18th century, has gone too.

The Perm Red Guard Headquarters suffered a similar fate.

The local bigwigs couldn’t care less that the building had a rich history.In the last few years this has come down to individual houses, since there are so few old building complexes left, even in the historic centre.Vasily Shadrin's was a prominent businessman in Perm at the end of XIX century.Last year we looked for all these houses, armed with notebooks and cameras. We often hear the press and television telling us this is all to be expected. This is the period of the primary accumulation of capital. It is inevitable that there will be killing, theft and destruction of all kinds.'My regular encounters with mayors, governors and big business have made me realise that these are people who lack any appreciation of culture. Their aesthetic ideals for the city are defined by such concepts as height, width, area, sheen and glow.' But lawlessness and crime have names and faces and there should be personal responsibility.We, however, lose our green areas to filling stations, car parks and so-called elite housing developments.