The vendor, Follett, was chosen because their books are durable and high quality.

This is the vendor that GEFFE uses for the books used each year at the fundraiser for patrons to donate.

Students can be actively engaged in the learning process with the multitude of apps that are available.

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There are apps that can focus on social manners and basic conversations. I plan to use the i Pad mini to enhance my students' learning experiences.

I want them to be excited and motivated about learning.

It is a wonderful opportunity to see the kids faces when the bugs really come out from the cocoon it is very surprising learning for the children and adults in the classroom.

Kindergarten Teachers/Daigle/Andrews/Meyer/Roye/Popp/Kelly/Thomas/Outhier/Carmical -- $995 “Leveled Readers: Kindergarten Bundles of Joy” With the Common Core State Standards and an increase in academic standards in all grade levels, reading instruction and the expectation of reading ability in Kindergarten has greatly changed in the past few years.

IPad mini's may be small but they will have a major impact on my students' learning.

Lisa Linn -- ,719.95 Launching Learning with the i Pad Technology has impacted the classroom in ways that were unimaginable only a few years ago.

Technology can be a teacher's best friend when it comes to working with students who have many needs, different abilities and interests.

IPads can help children with special needs, whether speech or vision, Occupational Therapy or Learning Disorders and even behavior problems.

This grant would be used to purchase sets of the same titles of reading books that would be checked out by classroom teachers and used to teach reading skills during small group reading.

The books chosen are on various levels and would meet the needs of students who are beginning readers as well as skilled readers.

Progress can be documented and assessed quickly and easily, allowing timely and individual instruction for every student.