Jallikattu, which traumatises animals and kills and maims both animals and humans, even if it is culture, tradition and heritage, must be given up like we gave up child marriage, Bulls running away in terror and jumping into wells and quarries, being knocked to death by speeding trains or fracturing their limbs is hardly well-being, much less survival.Let us return to spiritual leaders Sri Sri Ravishankar and Jaggi Vasudev, and to Swamy and journalist Gurumurthy.

mutharaiyar girls wanted-89

Girl children were married before puberty, before they could understand the institution of marriage and motherhood, and before their bodies were ready for childbearing.

Women were forced to commit , pay dowry and submit to being “inspected” by the potential groom and his family.

Given that 10 people, including a policeman on duty, have died, that several bulls have been injured while one terrified bull running for its life died after falling into a quarry following the resumption of Jallikattu in Tamil Nadu, that two bulls died during Jallikattu in Andhra Pradesh, and that hundreds of spectators have been injured, questions are now being raised about why well-known people like Sri Sri Ravishankar, Jaggi Vasudev, BJP MP Subramanian Swamy and journalist S.

Gurumurthy are vocal in their support for this blood-sport.

Blame for sowing the first seeds of the Occupy Marina protests in favour of Jallikattu must be laid squarely at the doors of three senior leaders of the Tamil Nadu Bharatiya Janata Party.

But the crowning glory of nullifying the visionary May 7, 2014 Supreme Court order banning Jallikattu—reducing to dust 40 years of effort to petition the legislature to ban all sports using bulls as objects of entertainment and hammering the last nail in the coffin of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (PCA) Act, 1960 by rushing through an amendment to facilitate Jallikattu—rightfully belongs to the BJP government at the Centre.

On one channel, he observed with satisfaction that the order proved that not all judges are corrupt. When the true face of Occupy Marina could no longer be kept under wraps or swept under the carpet, the state government and BJP central government adopted the carrot and stick method to end it: the state government tasked the police to vacate the occupiers of the beach in readiness for Republic Day while the BJP central government used the office of the president to facilitate what the Tamil Nadu Government Gazette Extraordinary describes as “An Act to amend the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 so as to preserve the cultural heritage of the State of Tamil Nadu and to ensure the survival and well-being of the native breeds of bulls.” The Tamil Nadu amendment to the PCA says: 28-A.

He added that the February 14, 2017 judgment was brilliantly articulated and would henceforth be considered a landmark judgment against corruption in public life. Swamy and friends are oblivious or impervious to the fact that by expressing public support for Jallikattu and lobbying for it with the central government, they demolished another brilliantly and sensitively articulated judgment delivered by the same Justice Ghosh with Justice K. Saving in respect of ‘Jallikattu’—Nothing contained in this Act shall apply to ‘Jallikattu’ conducted to follow and promote tradition and culture and such conduct of ‘Jallikattu’ shall not be an offence under this Act.

I will conclude by dealing with two examples cited by Swamy and Jaggi Vasudev for why Jallikattu should not be banned.