But as her joyful and explosive live show unfolded, complete with the arrival of the ecstatic backup dancers she calls "The Big Girls," it became clear that Lizzo has something more powerful going on.

For more than a decade, singer-songwriter Sera Cahoone has specialized in a shy, introverted kind of folk music: She started her career at the back of the stage, playing drums for Carissa's Wierd and Band Of Horses, and the solo songs that followed reflected the gently unassuming nature of a singer who couldn't showboat in the spotlight if she tried.

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From the first glitter-smeared seconds of the set-opening "Silly," the band came to shred and swagger with infectious joy, complete with backbends and solos and spangly outfits — at least one of which wouldn't survive the band's set at Stubb's BBQ in Austin, Texas, recorded live for NPR Music Wednesday night.

"I'm ready for the world," Alynda Lee Segarra sings in the chorus of the rousing "Hungry Ghost" — and her band's set told that simple truth again and again.

, which he created and developed with NPR correspondent Linda Holmes.

In 2008, he and Bob Boilen created the NPR Music video series Tiny Desk Concerts, in which musicians perform at Boilen's desk.

Now less than a year removed from high school, he's ready for — and deserving of — a massive audience.

For one thing, he's already developed a distinct songwriting voice to go with a sonic palette that's instantly, identifiably his. percussionist Manu Delago specializes in the Hang, a cousin of the steel drum that produces soft, muted, subtly shimmering tones.Camae Ayewa, who records under the name Moor Mother, doesn't waste time.The Philly-based artist and agitator stuffs every moment of her densely packed, combative songs with unease and piercing static — that she doesn't allow listeners a moment of peace or rest can only be part of the point.Eben so, als würde man mit seiner besten Freundin über das Leben philosophieren – nur dass die plötzlich unheimlich schön singen könnte und man lieber den Mund hält und zuhört.Häkken: Teilnahme am Gewinnspiel unter (01378) 220526 und das Stichwort „Jomo“ nennen (0,50 €/Anruf aus dem dt. Oder per SMS bitte genau wie folgt: MOPO JOMO VORNAME NAME STRASSE NR PLZ ORT. Die Frau, die unfairerweise immer noch oft nur als „Ex-Freundin von Conor Oberst“, dem Mastermind der Indie-Band Bright Eyes, tituliert wird, war schon vor dieser Beziehung, die Indie-Fan-Hirne zum Explodieren brachte, mit ihrem Pop-Duo Azure Ray höchst erfolgreich.