Here are some great tips from Michael Mc Cann, President of the Greyhound Project, greyhound adopter, and lost greyhound search expert Change your mindset: This is most important, and most difficult step.

You have to stop checking every street and back yard yourself, and start recruiting an army to do it for you.

If you are a current consumer or have attended the group intake within the past 3 years there is no need to attend group intake, simply call in and set an appointment.

Intake will last approximately 45 minutes and when possible, an individual meeting will be scheduled immediately following the intake with appropriate staff member.

You now have to find someone who has seen your dog.

You need a sighting and in order to get a sighting , you need help!

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Some go for months or even years without being found, because people assume they have been picked up or are dead. These false leads are actually a positive sign, they mean your efforts are working; people are looking out for your dog.

Don’t assume that the call you got about a dog five miles away is yours. It’s just that they don’t know the difference between a Greyhound and a Jack Russell terrorist.

Follow it up, yes, but when you start getting calls about dogs, ask questions: What color was the dog you saw? Don’t lose hope: A few days or a week of searching can be discouraging. Be aware that many people will not want to take a dog to the shelter for fear that it will be euthanized.

A lack of sightings, or no word at all can be tough on a positive attitude. But, as non-street savvy as greyhounds are, they are survivors. If your dog has no tags or has lost its tag collar, these people will look for an ad in the paper or for flyers posted in the neighborhood. LOST GREYHOUND (female/male – color) WEARING (color) COLLAR w/ID TAGS “Dog’s Name” Shy – Please Don’t Chase – Call (800) 4HOUNDS And Adopter’s phone number LOST GREYHOUND (female/male – color) WEARING (Color) COLLAR w/ID tags Lost in XXX area “Dog’s Name” (800) 4HOUNDS and Adopter’s phone number LOST GREYHOUND Lost in the xxx area Wearing black collar with tags Description: female/male, color named “xxxx” Please call 800-4HOUNDS or (adopter’s phone number) Please do not chase!!

She defers to the other dogs in the household, is already house trained, and walks well on leash.