Please do not buy anything or pay anyone on this forum. Although my mom had a cane at home I don’t think I was hit with it after I was 6 or 7. We have been reported about links to websites that contain viruses. Hi this happened or started when I was 16 and was one year from doing my Advanced level exam. My parents were both government servants and during the time I am at home after school there was an amme of about 40 years to keep company.From the third month or so once a while she would phone my mother to tell her that she cannot come to my place for some reason and informed her to send me to her place where she was living alone. Chinthaka, my boyfriend had felt my back at that time whilst lovingly caresing after school.

kohomada puka loku karaganne girls back-13

‘Proper caning’ involved with my panties pulled down to knees and me holding my skirt and the underskirt above the level of my waist. I am married to him and he canes me on my back, I wear a padded panty covering all of my backside. I get wet in my P when I get ready for caning he gets stimulated with the caning noise. My aki used to tell me that she used to feel warm and wet in front.

Thereafter whenever I was told to come to her place I knew whether I did something wrong or not I will get caned on the bare. I thought as it is inconvenient to remove them she would cane me on the denim. Samahara dawaswala monitors la ta check karana yawanawa. Office eka langa yankota cuts dena sadeta mama bayay. 3 or 4 cuts and we are flying rarely I get six at home. I used to think she was just joking, but she was correct. They used to keep a long eraser in front and press together to stimualate. My buttocks were red and swollen after school caning.

On that day I had to remove the pants and panties and I was caned only wearing a blouse top. Gauma othala alaganta kiyala namenta kiyanawa ethakotama kiyanawa atha ariyoth gauma usala denawa kiyala. monitor la apiwa toilet eke apita gauma usala passa patha thatu karala balanawa. Passa pathata wedunama api keling gihila panty eka galawala athing athulanawa. mage akith giye ekam iskoleta, eka parak api denata sikurada after school 6k weduna. AL panthiye kelonta wenama diga wewalak pawichi karanawa ane. Nilanthi, I was asked to look at your comments by a friend of mine. After caning went to toilet and used self stimulation and hit a peak. Now of course I get pleasure with a few cuts over padded panty with my loving husbanda.

As this was so humiliating I stopped wearing pants of any kind when I was going to her place. Ape panthiye girl kenek deparak gauma atha ariyama, wewalen gauma usala panty ekata 6 dunalu. My school friend also went to the same school in Kandy. Nilanthi & anusha Rathu pothata nama dala sikurada iskolle ivara unama wewal kasaya thatamata wedunada oyala iskolla giya kale.

The process she used to get me there was an ordeal and was very painful.

On the second day or so she was scolding me and told the amme to bring a stick to hit me with.

I was not so good in studying and hence my school marks were very much in the average.

Hence my mother got Seetha who was a graduate of 22 or so awaiting employment to help with me in studies. During the next two years she guided me to pass my AL and I managed to get in to the Uni.

I see her once a while and although initially it was embarrassing to me she would talk to me as she was talking to a close friend and as if the caning incidents never happened. Mata isarlama 9 panthiye iskole parakuwela 3parak ahuwela rathu pothata nama dala 6k weduna.