This is a true depiction of what it is like for most people to get a puppy early in their relationship and how it can develop into them becoming a member of the family. Jennifer Aniston really does the best job in the picture.I'm a fan of Owen Wilson (I know many aren't), and it was nice to see a serious side since we really hadn't seen one since "Behind Enemy Lines".

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romance “Me Before You” and the horror film “Sinister 2.” Will Forte, Rhys Ifans and Kathryn Hahn also star in the oddball comedy, which Bogdanovich co-wrote with Louise Stratten.

The star of the Wedding Crashers was alleged to have slashed his wrists on the day his former girlfriend was pictued with her new love Dax Shepard, although close friends said the issues behind his suicide bid wer more complicated than merely to do with the break up.

Wilson has not been seen with a new love since the split but has been a regular at parties at Hugh Hefner's Playboy mansion.

Scroll down for more Meanwhile a police document has confirmed that the 911 call made from Owen Wilson's house was for an attempted suicide.

After their wedding, newspaper writers John and Jennifer Grogan move to Florida.

In an attempt to stall Jennifer's "biological clock", John gives her a puppy. I was more excited by the fact that it was something that everyone could go and see; including my mom, who doesn't venture out to the theater very often.

I definitely recommend this for ANYBODY, but try to take the family.

If you never wanted a pet before, I challenge you to not change your mind after viewing this.

He did a good job, but he really would've sold me if he had shed some full on tears when it was required. The film really humanizes the characters and their relationship with Marley with such realism.