Fast-forward several years: Richards and Levy, both 27, are newlyweds who married in a Jewish-Catholic ceremony.

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Was I -- am I -- really less committed to my Judaism than all -- or even many -- of the people who do have Jewish significant others?

Another person said that rabbis are supposed to be role models, implying, I suppose, that someone who is dating a non-Jew cannot be a good Jewish role model.

But can Reform congregations -- or any other congregations -- ever really be welcoming to interfaith families if rabbis in interfaith relationships are forbidden?

Would you consider a religion to be "welcoming" to same-sex couples if it refused to ordain someone who was in a same-sex relationship? This is a question that the Reform movement will have to continue to struggle with until it opens the rabbinate to all qualified, ethical people.

Although I had some minor deviations from that path (coming out of the closet was originally not part of the plan for me), the whole thing was largely intact. The rabbi and the rabbinical intern at my university Hillel both encouraged me to apply to rabbinical school.

But as I began preparing to apply to law school, I began wondering: what if I want to be a lawyer? But when I began looking into the Reform and Reconstructionist rabbinical colleges, I discovered a barrier I hadn't imagined would be a problem: I would have to sign a statement affirming that I would not be in an interfaith relationship at the time of my ordination.

“We realize that this is a major pastoral issue,” says Sheila Garcia, associate director of the U. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Secretariat on Laity, Marriage, Family Life, and Youth.

Garcia says that while supporting these couples pastorally, the church also is concerned with making sure the Catholic in a mixed-religion marriage continues to practice his or her faith and that the couple takes seriously the Catholic party’s pledge to raise their children Catholic.

But apparently, neither thought it acceptable for someone in an interfaith relationship to serve those congregations as a rabbi.

I brought the subject up with other members of the Hillel community to hear what they thought could be the reasoning behind the rule.

Someone told me that not having a Jewish significant other might be a sign of a lack of one's commitment to Judaism.