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Before taking this course, participants who are completing the Insider Threat Program Manager Certificate Program must first take these courses: Course methods include lecture, group exercises, and scenario completion.

Participants will receive a course notebook, case studies and a CD containing the course and supplemental materials.

Self-assessments following each topic presented assist with comprehension of the subject matter.

Learners will also be able to access additional resources related to the subject matter and a downloadable copy of the course presentation slides.

The course presents a process roadmap that can be followed to build the various parts of a robust Insider Threat Program.

It discusses various techniques and methods to develop, implement, and operate program components.

Please note that successful completion of this course is a required component of the Insider Threat Program Manager Certificate Program.

This course is also recommended for anyone pursing the certificates for the Insider Threat Vulnerability Assessor or Insider Threat Program Evaluator, but is not required.

This 3 day course meets at the following times: Days 1-3 a.m. This 7-hour online course provides a thorough understanding of the organizational models for an insider threat program, the necessary components to have an effective program, the key stakeholders who need to be involved in the process, and basic education on the implementation and guidance of the program.