Visit the theater at Merrimack Hall or the VBC Playhouse. You get cool points if you can convince her you do too. Solo, with a date, or with a group of 20, I’ve never had a bad day on the Elk.Elk River Canoe Rental in Kelso, Tennessee, can hook you up with a vessel, a pickup, and a commemorative neck-suspended beer-huggie. When the sun gets heads up over California, it starts thinking about an afternoon drink in Hawaii.

Depending on your form of expression, you might consider bringing a pressure washer along as well.

I was once an IKEA virgin, yet always hearing about how cool it was.

This article isn’t really a pep talk, although I do do pep talks if you are in the market.

The reason we are here today is to talk about fun date ideas in Huntsvegas.

Not a question, but a statement of “this is going to happen, unless you can talk me out of it, and in that dress, you don’t stand a chance.” There exist in your life moments—fleeting and magical moments, both past and future—that speed up your heart, pervade your entire consciousness, and feed your soul.

While damn near impossible to predict and equally elusive for which to feel prepared, these moments may well dictate your life’s direction.

700 people show up every week to listen to live music and enjoy whatever you want to bring in to consume….seriously, WHATEVER you like.

You can impress your date by displaying your hula hoop skills on the stage-front lawn. From the Hiker’s parking lot, take the Bucca Trail or South Plateau Loop out to O’Shaughnessy Point, talk about how lovely is the view, and then grab lunch and some sweet tea at the PO Boy Factory or 1892 East.

It’s a cool town, but it isn’t screaming at you, so get creative. Spend a weekday afternoon betting each other on with what the people sitting around you will be charged with in Municipal Court.

Here are some ideas you might try: For the thirsty among us, a good night might start off with a summer cocktail downtown at Humphrey’s or Amendment XXI followed by an as-many-stars-as-you’d-like-to-give-it dinner at Cotton Row. Cheese, then how did you get someone to go out with you? [spacer size=”0″] If your idea of a good time is watching girls capable of beating up you and your date together beat each other up, then take your friend to the see the Dixie Derby Girls. You can keep the wager details to yourself, but rest assured you’ll witness a train wreck or two before the gavel raps for the last time.

Afterwards, throw a dollar in a struggling musician’s guitar case to thank him for playing a cover of Justin Bieber’s “Baby” at an opportune moment. You might as well at least pretend he is talented, which he definitely is. Just get on board with this one if you know what’s good for you.