He says that the one thing you do, Lilly, is it doesn't matter if something's tiny or massive -- you always put the same amount of effort into it.

Like [if I'm] doing a collaboration with someone ...

This is hilarious, I love this, I'm forgetting about all my problems." MTV: And you've done a ton of collaborations! It stresses me to think that I'd do a collaboration with someone and not make it the best possible opportunity.

James Franco, Seth Rogen, Shay Mitchell, Jay Sean, fellow You Tubers like Connor Franta, Jenna Marbles, Kingsley, Hannah Hart. Singh: I'm super hard on myself anytime I think of an idea for a collaboration. My friend Humble [the Poet] says it all the time, actually.

It kind of just snowballed into what it is today, simply because after that first video, I fell in love with the idea that I could say whatever I wanted to say, market myself however I wanted to market myself and not be controlled by someone else. () And it's not up because it's embarrassing -- my second, third, fourth, fifth [videos] are also embarrassing and those are up -- it's not up because it was a spoken word piece about something I just don't believe in anymore.

It's just not a good reflection of who I am right now, and so it's just confusing from a personal and a brand point to have that video [still up].

Lilly Singh: When I was younger, I always wanted to be someone in the entertainment industry.

In my eighth grade slideshow, when everyone was like "show us what you want to be," everyone [said] doctor, lawyer, [but] mine literally said rapper.Singh shot to internet fame thanks to her hilariously relatable You Tube videos.Her channel boasts nearly 7 million subscribers, and her fans, known as Team Super or Unicorns, are fiercely passionate and supportive of her work.You've likely seen Lilly Singh, aka IISuperwoman II, on a building near you.The triple threat -- she's a motivational speaker, stand-up comedian AND singer -- is part of You Tube's "You Give Life Character" advertising campaign, which is why you see her and many other You Tubers' smiling faces popping up on billboards across the globe.Singh: My creative process is a bit manic at times, to be honest.