Circa 1938 to 1944: The larger of the two fruit bowls, the shape is familiarly found on the nappy bowls as well, classic with an abundance of rings and well proportioned lip produces a very usable bowl.Dipped in the Vintage Fiesta Red glaze for the Riviera line, this 9" Lunch plate is in excellent condition and is a joy to find without use or damage. Circa 1940-1943: The Harlequin Pottery Oatmeal Bowl was produced for 19 years and made in all twelve original Harlequin colors.

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Marked in the mold on the sides of the bottom, note this pair has the quality controllers initial stamp also on the bottom, something I like to see because it means these were passed by inspectors as first quality.

Excellent condition and no damage and no touchups, repairs, scratches or unsightly factory flaws.

Circa 1937-1943: The original Red Fiesta teacup was cut from production 8 years before its sibling colors of Original Green, Radioactive Red and Cobalt.

This half life usually makes the vintage Fiesta Red pieces the harder color to find of the original six colors.

Like all of the plates, the deep plate is fully glazed and marked...

Circa 1938-1943: One of a handful of vintage Fiesta Kitchen Kraft items that was not embossed in the pottery itself, instead a post-production foil sticker would have been applied. Circa 1938-1943: The Vintage Fiesta Original Red Glaze was discontinued as early as 1943, when the uranium needed for the glaze was restricted for goverment use only, making the Vintage Red glaze harder to find than others. Originally another piece from a different line at Homer Laughlin pottery.

Included were a juice pitcher in yellow and the six original colors of juice tumblers.

This example in red, standing about 3 1/2" tall is in excellent shape Circa 1936-1943: Two of the 14 pieces that were made through the entire vintage production.

Circa 1940-1943: The Harlequin oval baker, although part of the original line, was discontinued relatively early during 1945.