Beyond volleyball, being able to spend a week on the beautiful beaches of So Cal for such an affordable cost is something you CANNOT pass up.Mark is always looking for ways to improve location, accommodations, and your experience.

He has had immense success as a professional and internationally.

When I reached out, he was extremely helpful and interested in my experience as a player.

There is nothing else out there that offers the accessibility, expertise and passion that Volley Camp Hermosa offers.

I look so forward to what Mark has done with a year under his belt and his creative solutions mindset.

“As a competitive Midwestern beach volleyball player, it can be very difficult to get professional level coaching or competition to help elevate our game.

When I heard what Mark was doing with Volley Camp Hermosa, I knew I had to get out and participate.

It was by far the best time and money I spent on volleyball- and frankly, on life.

The lessons I learned from Mark extended beyond the court or the gym.

“First, I wanted to to fully thank you for all the work last year! In spring 2015, prior to working with you, I was terrible at volleyball…