If you are not a total newbie, and have money for a set of 4, then learn Cybernetics 4, get the set, then learn Destroyers 2, Faction Frigate 3, Targeting 1, Astronometrics 1, Industry 1, Hull upgrades 1, Afterburners 1, faction specific weapon 2, rapid fire 2, controlled bursts 2, Sharpshooter 2, Motion prediction 2.If you value playing time over skill learning time, train Caldari Frigate 3 and Small hybrid turrets 2 regardless of your faction.If you are a newbie who don't have money, you shall start your career agents because they will give you seed money.

evemon not updating market orders-28

The difference between the two orders minus fees is your profit. If it is not to be rich but to get Pv P kills or to complete some roleplaying goal, you need a dedicated account doing that.

10-50% profit isn't rare in EVE since most players are dumb and lazy or simply don't care. Your first (main) account should do your primary activity and not trade.

They "create" PLEX by buying it in the item shop from the developers. You can buy every single ship and item, nothing is "soulbound" like in Wo W.

By activating the PLEX you add 30 days to your subscription time. Ships, their modules and the contents of the cargo can be destroyed by NPC pirates and enemy players, so there is always a reason to buy something new.

The people doing these want to sell their wares to players who want to use them.

They are not in the same system, they are not online in the same time, they don't know each other and they want to sell/buy now. You set up buy orders in the places where the sellers are, move the items to the places where the buyers are and set up sell orders.

If you don't have an L4 capable combat main, learn the Industrial skill from the same faction you learned Frigate 3. Fit a destroyer and breeze trough the carreer missions.

Don't forget to loot 3 documents from the exploration containers. Either way you have 2/4 implants, you have Social 4, negotiation 2/3, connections 3 and finished your career agents.

However you are allowed to have more than one account, so have several characters learning things in the same time.