American disability activist and writer, Cara Liebowitz, has written about the concept of the "ugly disabled" – a term which she has used to describe herself.

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"I don’t have the type of disability that’s palatable to people, that’s pretty," she says.

Liebowitz tells me she has only been in relationships with disabled men.

But for someone like me, who has Cerebral Palsy (CP), it’s a lot more complicated than ’I’m just sitting down.’ So while I think it's a great step to cast disabled people in a show aired across the nation and show the challenges of the unconscious bias that we face, the physical attributes of disability shown on Undressed is only part of the picture the nation needs to discuss.

In my mind, the disabled contestants still have a beauty privilege.

She also believes the media feeds us a certain image of disability.

She sees many “pretty disabled” people in the media, and thinks it has consequences on the way disability is perceived.But the date featured on episode seven of , between Chris – who acquired a disability from a motorbike accident three years ago – and his date, the able-bodied Julie, was a success.While Julie told the camera she wondered about how Chris’ disability might affect their relationship, she asked him polite questions and offered help. And Chris appreciated it, saying he liked that she saw beyond the wheelchair.Another friend, Brittany Dunlop, who has Ichthyosis (the severe skin condition I have) said her ex-husband treated her very badly."He was great our first few years, and thereafter told me I disgusted him, and he couldn't stand my shedding", she tells me.Apart from a few friendships formed, dating was awful for my self-esteem.