"We don't have ex-servicemen quota, no medical facilities," he said adding that facilities given to army personnel are superior to paramilitary forces and is discrimination.

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Arrows must be 'quite stiff', but crucially they must retain some bend: a perfectly stiff arrow cannot be shot from a bow.

Indeed, the correct degree of arrow stiffness is one of the keys to successful archery, as will become apparent.

The high mass part of the arrow is at the front, and separated from the nock by the bendable shaft of the arrow.

As a result, the arrow dynamically bends: The degree of static deflection gives a good indication of the dynamic bend of an arrow – stiffer arrows bend less – but the spine does not give a measure of the actual degree of bending when an arrow is shot from a bow.

Deepika needed 343 points to break the world record during the mid-interval but ended up equalling Ki’s score.

Galen Rupp will run his third career marathon in Boston on April 17, and he’ll be joined by four other members of the U. Keflezighi, the 2014 Boston winner, was previously announced for next year’s field.The crucial point is that the arrow must be of the correct spine so that it dynamically bends around the bow, the fletchings/vanes do not touch the riser or arrow rest and the arrow flies cleanly to the target.There are several excellent – if rather small – high speed video clips showing arrow flight on the Werner Beiter web site, here. 13 and taking bronze in the Olympic marathon on Aug. Rupp posted the two fastest marathon times by an American in 2016 after never racing longer than a half marathon before this year. As are two of the three female Olympians — Shalane Flanagan and Desi Linden. Rupp, 30, will debut in the world’s oldest annual 26.2-mile race after winning the Olympic Trials in Los Angeles on Feb.Her best Boston finish was fourth in 2013, the year the race was rocked by twin bombings. Flanagan and Linden are the second- and fifth-fastest U. The full elite international field is expected to be announced in January.