The Remington 700 IS the standard by which all others are judged, that's not just my opinion, that's a fact.

Dating my remington 700 video

It's hard to best the accuracy of a 700 out the box.

The Savage is hit or miss as to how accurate of a rifle you will get out the box.

A real super fun bolt no doubt, no mods needed if properly implemented and well cared for.

We were thinking about getting ours a new trigger group from day one, but I think we'll be keeping it as is for a bit longer. I have been completely satisfied with every single one of them.

Remington for whatever reason has used them on and off over the years.

Last I heard, they were using them again is why I ask.

Awsome group, the Hornaday ammo may be at the magic OCW already.

I have a Rem 700 PSS in .308 and have dialed in a handload for it with Varget, Lapua brass and Sierra 168gr. 700's are awsome bolt rifles, I have done well at the Williamsport 1000yd range with a Rem 700 6,5x284Win custom Hart Benchrest rifle.

Finally hit the range today with most of my focus on my Remington 700 SPS Tactical.