Nothing I’d want to do with any patient, but the friendship would further compromise both her and my objectivity.” Smart man.

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She’ll spend too much time trying to explain what Occupational Therapy is and what it means to her. Small talk isn’t her thing and she isn’t afraid to ask important questions that require thoughtful answers. She’ll point out places that aren’t accessible for people with disabilities.

She’ll patiently wait for a response and won’t rush people along even if she's in a hurry. Don’t date an OT because she isn’t afraid to cause a scene. She might even tell the restaurant owner that the bathrooms couldn’t be accessed for someone in a wheelchair while you’re out at dinner.

The worst story I’ve heard from a client about what can happen when a doctor and patient have a friendship is the following: The gentleman in question went to his friend, an internist, who would not accept payment for his services, but in order to be compensated for his time, he billed the insurance company, providing a bogus diagnosis.

It was entirely different from what the doctor told his patient/friend that he had, which was really…nothing. Doctors who treat friends and do not charge them, lose money.

She knows that the poorest people in the world are those who only have money. Don’t date an OT because she won’t make room for someone who isn’t as passionate as her.

She has so much enthusiasm for her career, for her clients, for her work and if you don’t have something equally as fulfilling you’ll feel left out. She has fire in her belly that propels her forward in a dizzying tornado of energy.

In the broadest sense, it compromises the patient’s care.

A doctor needs to be circumspect, objective, and that will be much less possible if the patient is a friend or relative.

Don’t date an OT because she will see the good in everything. She’s optimistic about change and has faith that everyone has the potential to achieve what they want from life.