As well being a retail outlet for Dunhill goods, these 'Homes' offer a range of services including a bespoke tailoring service, barber’s shop, fine wine cellars, bar or restaurant, screening room, and spa. In fitted box for Alfred Dunhill, London A Dunhill pipe lighter and a sterling silver vesta case, circa 1930 England, an engine turned lift arm petrol pipe lighter, patent number 390107; and, 1904 Chester, with maker's marks for John Millward Banks, a plain hinged top vesta case monogrammed C.

Dunhill's current product range includes men's luxury leather goods, writing implements, lighters, timepieces, fragrances and clothing. M; Dunhill gold cufflinks with tortoiseshell 9ct yellow gold cufflinks with tortoiseshell, stamped 'DUNHILL SJR 375' 14ct yellow gold smoky quartz cufflinks, stamped '585 14K' 9ct gold cufflinks with green, stamped '9ct' (6), total weight of 39.5grams Provena A Dunhill gold wristwatch, manual wind movement, octagonal lozenge shaped cream dial with Arabic numerals, signed case, dial and movement, 18ct gold case and buckle, original black alligator print leather bands, limited edition 69 of 250, case length 35mm. Width 11.5 cm Magnificent antique walnut chiffonier, stamped on right drawer 'W. C.', carved mirror back with shelves above 3 drawers with carved fronts, 2 doors and 2 open shelves, 214 cm wide, 69 cm deep, 266 cm high approx.

Also there are some sellers who perform a service themselves, again, no problem here as most are experienced in this operation and the parts are readily available. Often in these cases you'll find that the swollen flint has welded itself to the housing and requires drilling out. Most sellers are more than happy to assist any prospective buyer with information about the items they are selling.

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As cigarette smoking took off in the 1920s and ’30s, Dunhill became one of the most famous names in the field, opening shops in Paris, New York and Toronto and expanding into menswear, toiletries and other areas, but it is with smoking accessories that the firm is most notably associated.

Dunhill was particularly known for lighters, most famously the Unique lighter, launched in the early 1920s with the slogan ‘The lighter that changed public opinion’.

First Dunhill striker lighter named EDNITE appeared in 1914.

Alfred Dunhill improved the patent of Greenwood & Wise from 1919 and in 1924 the UNIQUE lighter was introduced.

Alfred Dunhill Ltd was founded in London in 1893 as a motoring accessories business.

In the 1900s, the company expanded into luxury tobacco goods.

A tactile, heavy, quality item that will give many years of service as long as it is looked after and serviced. - Look at the photos on the item listing, can you see a flame ? When you are selling a lighter that could potentially fetch in excess of £100 , a small £2 outlay on a canister of gas from a local newsagent or tobacconist is negligable - Beware of the listing that says "don't have any gas to check it with" or "couldn't fill it with gas" or "it should work" or "can't see a reason why it shouldn't work once filled with gas " ..... It won't be checked again until you receive it as the winning bidder and find that it actually lasted 3 hours with gas in and requires a service. Has the lighter you're looking at been recently serviced ? - Again, when Dunhill perform a lighter service, the lighter is returned to the owner with a receipt for the cost of the service. When stored for a long period of time, Dunhill recommend that the flint be removed from the lighter prior to storing.

Many of those available on e Bay are of this quality, but for the novice or inexperienced buyer, here's a few points to consider ..... Most sellers will keep this as vital proof for a prospective buyer. There's good reason for this as flints will, over time, disintegrate and swell in their housing - have you ever seen a Dunhill with a broken or missing flint housing ? That's what's happened there, it's been stored for a while, not used, and the flint has swollen and cracked the housing.

A broken, non-working example can fetch as much as £50, so a fully serviced, working example isn't going be less, is it ?

Look at what you are getting for your money and think hard about that apparent bargain before you bid or hit Buy-It-Now.

Widely acknowledged as the best, most reliable butane gas cigarette lighter available, the Dunhill Rollagas lighter has been around since the mid 1950s.