These days with the Internet it's easy meeting people and making friends online.Meeting those who are like-minded through online friendship clubs is becoming more popular each day as it is the easiest and fastest way of meeting new people to share interests and ideas, but you have to know where to look and just a little online searching and caution is all you need.

4) You can express thoughts and feelings that you might not share in person. 6) The more people searching online that can read about you, the greater the chance someone will contact you.

7) You'll never meet anyone sitting by yourself watching TV. you can start searching and looking for suitable people to contact and meet as fast as you can click.

if you are unable to locate the sites Privacy Policy then it would be wise to avoid such sites.

b) The Friendship Club may be quite new and looking to build their database of members.

The cost of providing an online service is very expensive So if the friendship club is a totally free service but you see no advertising on the site: a) It would be wise to ensure your email address in not being collected to sell to third parties for advertising use.

(New Friends4will never disclose your email address to any third party as outlined in our Privacy Policy).

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