Also on the downtown Square is the Rigsby House and, next door, the building that was formerly Rigsby Standard Oil Station.

Victory Pub, established in 1942, was once a popular stop for the thirsty traveler.

Originally a Nickerson Farms restaurant, this was the second location of the popular roadside eatery chain. Ray Moorman purchased the restaurant in 1963, and he and his wife Norma served many hungry travelers.

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Scenic overlooks and rivers are interspersed with historic buildings.

Still visible is the historic Hooker Church and Graveyard, which dates back to the late 1800's.

As you travel through Hooker Cut, take in the popular postcard landscape that was once rumored to be the deepest road cut in America.

Rittenhouse described it as "an engineering triumph and truly a joy to the traveler".

Grandview is also known for having some of the best 1943 curbed pavement in Missouri.

The half curb was designed to keep autos on the road but, often as not, would tip them over.

Although the building is now just a memory many locals can tell tales of the tavern as if they were there yesterday.

The Roubidoux Bridge crosses the Roubidoux Creek, a scenic tributary to the Gasconade River that was named after French explorer , fur trapper, and founder of St. The stream is still well known for its fishing, especially trout fishing.

Travel through the beautiful hamlet of Devils Elbow, which was bypassed in the 1940's when Highway 66 was realigned, and find out why lumberjacks cried in frustration at a large boulder lodged in the sharpest bend in the Big Piney River.

They reasoned the boulder could only have been put there by the devil.

The former Bell Hotel & Resort has been converted into a funeral home but is still easily recognizable from vintage postcards.