This usually doesn’t happen in China (mostly because it can’t), and also because Chinese men tend not to spend needlessly. My boyfriend learned the value of a hard earned dollar thanks to his parent’s plight, and thus he also learned how to save it–and more importantly, invest it.Thanks to Richard, I’m investing in stocks and learning more about how to better manage my money.

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Chinese Men Put Family First (double edged sword here…) Thanks to an old guy named Confucius, values in China are placed very heavily on family–and it’s easy to see.

Parents pull out all the stops to ensure their child has the best upbringing, and in turn their children take care of the parents in old age.

This also explains why meeting your Chinese boyfriend’s parents is heart attack inducing… Not All (Chinese) Men are Perfect Of course, not all Chinese men make the best boyfriends–there are, of course, a few bad eggs.

I’ve heard some horror stories of Chinese men gambling away their family’s entire fortune.

So when it comes to my Chinese man, he truly makes the best boyfriend for me.

Ladies, to continue my month on love and dating I want to approach the subject of attracting your Asian man or any man for that matter.The fairy tale romance of a Chinese man running off with the foreign woman and eloping in some far away land is a rare tale indeed.If the parent’s disapprove, it’s most likely not going to happen. When many Chinese children think of homemade cooking, they don’t think of mom standing over a hot stove; but rather, recall fond memories of dad boiling stews, rolling up won tons or preparing a hot bowl of tan yuan (sweet dumplings) for dessert. In most Shanghainese households, it’s not the woman working hard in the kitchen every night–it’s the man.Yet with Richard, I know I’ve truly found a good catch.