Lazarev whose idea it had been to open up these routes for tourist excursions."Unfortunately the First World War meant that the Oranela, which is short for Oranienbaum Electric Line, was not finished.The driver for the first trip along the Oranela was Igor Timofeevich Skvortsov.

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There isn't even any seat, which was to appear much later.

The cold and dust, rain and snow were for a long time the enemies of the driver, until the advent of the electric heater in the cabin.

The tram started running as far as Strelna and that is the route of our new excursion.

We are planning a third route, past the Nevsky Gates".

They argue that they took part in the persecution of dissident writers on "orders" from above. For personal honours and benefits they readily harassed some of their own who dared to have different views. Yet even to me, it is something alien: that is the demand that writers be socially committed grew so great that it all too often distracted Russian literature from aesthetic concerns and drew it into the realm of sermonizing. At last remote places (and, as a popular song goes, this is a vast land) will not have to wait two years or more for new films to arrive on their screens. This brand of Official Literature is referred to here as "secretarial". it was nothing more than a vehicle to reach his social destination. Official Literature could well take as its theme the Shakespearean tragedy occurring among the older generation.

Only influential secretaries of the Writers' Union could produce it, since they occupied positions secure from both critics and censorship. Some people in their 70s had suddenly grasped the futility of their earthly existence. They had -wasted their lives in worshipping false ideals, while scoffing at any metaphysical values. In the 70s, Village Prose flourished, as its leading writers Victor As-tafiev, Vasily Belov and Valentin Rasputin succeeded in establishing an independent school under the banner of "patriotism". Village Writers were seriously alarmed by the Jewish influence on Russia's fate.The first line to be opened was not very long, just a little over a mile and a half.When the inaugural banquet heard the toast "To the Petersburg workers, the builders of the Petersburg tramway!The old tram pulled away from the stop on Admiralty Avenue. Our excursion along the Oranela, one of the first lines, has become the second tram route into the past.For five years now people can see this eajly 20th century tram running along the roads and avenues of Petersburg.Similarly, readers grew addicted to a "treasure-hunt" for hints, to seeking out places where the writer had his tongue in cheek.