David Correia, author of "Properties of Violence: Law and Land Grant Struggle in Northern New Mexico," said before the raid, land grant battles were just "local property right" issues.

"He brought international attention to land grants and made them part of a larger struggle," Correia said.

Can't argue with facts, yet I'm sure you will, which only shows why your kind deserves your half-brown grandkid destiny.

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It also placed Tijerina as one of the leaders in "Four Horsemen of the Chicano Movement," which included Cesar Chavez of California, Corky Gonzales of Colorado, and Jose Angel Gutierrez of Texas.

Tijerina was later dubbed "King Tiger" and compared to Malcolm X.

The Chicano Studies Serials Collection is a major resource for Chicano and Latino Studies.

Formats include but are not limited to: bound volumes, pamphlets, microfilm, audiotapes, videotapes, records, documents, reports, student papers, dissertations, manuscripts, serials, posters, and art slides.

Family representative Estela Reyes-Lopez said Tijerina, who helped spark the radical Chicano movement, died at an El Paso, Texas, hospital, of natural causes. FILE - In this June 1, 2005, file photo, Reies Lopez Tijerina, 79, a land grant activist who led a 1967 raid on the Rio Arriba Courthouse in New Mexico, poses for a photo in Albuquerque, N. Lopez Tijerina, a champion of Chicanos' land-rights claims and the leader of a group that raided a northern New Mexico courthouse nearly 50 years ago, has died, Monday, Jan. Family representative Estela Reyes-Lopez said the prominent activist died Monday at an El Paso, Texas, hospital, of natural cases. (AP Photo/The Albuquerque Tribune, Stacia Spragg, File) While admired by some students, his activism was steeped in violence and his legacy remained controversial.

He also drew criticism for his treatment of women and comments largely viewed as anti-Semitic.

Dear Mexican: Long-time reader, first-time writer about this noble Aztlán.

I watched the brown pride marches of the early 1970s and heard the shouts of La Raza and how it was going to be different now that the "Chicano" had arrived.

The Mexicans were going to change things for the greater good.

I remember when President Ronald Wilson Reagan gave amnesty to some 5 million illegal Mexican immigrants and how this was going to change things once and for all, bringing the Mexicans into American society with welcome arms and citizenship. And here we are: Mexico might not be falling, as you say, but the police, the Army or the citizens seem unable to stop the killing.

He did eventually spend about two years in prison for federal destruction of property.