Note: The latest version of the EZ Vinyl/Tape Converter for Mac automatically imports your converted albums into i Tunes.Earlier versions of the Windows edition of the EZ Vinyl/Tape Converter software required i Tunes to be installed on a Windows computer.

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ION Audio produces a range of USB Turntable and Cassette players that allow you to easily convert your records or cassettes into MP3 files on your computer.

In this guide, we walk through connecting the device, setting up and using the included EZ Converter software, and importing your audio into i Tunes.

Select the location where you want to store your files and click Ok to confirm your choice.

Recording Both Sides of an Album or Cassette Currently the only way to record both sides is two record one side, name your tracks, and then export the recording.

Split-Track Function The EZ software allows the ability to automatically create new tracks.

How this works is the software listens to the silences and reads them as a separation between tracks. Sometimes within a song there is a silence before the track has ended.

We also cover common questions and troubleshooting.

Our The EZ Vinyl/Tape Converter (included with your ION turntable or cassete player) is used to transfer your music to the computer and automatically split the songs up accordingly.

The software may think this is the end of the track, and split the track.

In other instances certain records may have songs that overlap or blend into each other.

The tracks in white are tracks that the software recognized.