The Honduran government rarely supports disabled children due to the lack of infrastructure and appropriate adaption systems.

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Most orphanages do not accept many street children and those who are accepted often run away when they are suffering from withdrawal symptoms.

In fact, over 90% of them resist hunger by inhaling “Resistol” or shoe glue, which though less expensive than food, is highly toxic and many children die before they are 18.

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Health A high suicide rate among young people, particularly adolescents, as well as a high risk of maternal mortality due to illegal abortions, has been observed.

There is also a significant consumption of alcohol and tobacco as well as other forms of substance abuse among the young.

Spread of information on children’s rights and attitudes Information on the child rights situation in Honduras is inadequate due to obstacles to investigations.

The human rights defenders and journalists who conduct these investigations are often arrested and sometimes killed and there is a lack of information collected by the Honduran government itself.

Moreover, the level of education is qualitatively poor and inadequate, particularly in rural areas: school hours and the length of the school year are short; schools have few teachers, no textbooks, teachers are overworked, and no technical training or pre-school facilities for children exist. Curriculum materials and teaching methods are not adapted to the cultural context.