Don’t embellish your posts with spammy promo words. You can do it in various groups, forums, blogs and communities that are in same interest-group as your site. Get involved first, talk to people, feel the space.

Good rule of thumb is to focus on 10 such places in the first 2 weeks and start posting links not sooner than the first week.

When you were making photos, you should have thrown out 9 out of 10 shots.

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It is about how your presence makes the site interesting. Once you have them all posted, go back to each one, edit and add links between them.

Don’t write - “I love paper planes…”; write - “I invented a paper plane that can fly for 25 seconds and I’ll show you how to make one”. They care about paper planes that can fly for 25 seconds. Link to a Poll from the Blog post, to an Album from Event, to Event from from Group.

I’m sure you know of the social network called Facebook right?

Well Dolphin, a new product by Boonex gives you the opportunity to create your own social community in any niche.

Yes, that’s right, Dolphin puts you in the drivers seat and gives you full control; you are able to build your own dating sites, social networks or any community network you have ever wanted.

The great thing about Dolphin is that the software is open source which comes down to the fact that you can modify and expand it as you like without restrictions. Fill the frame with your face, not with your body or scenery. Dolphin profile photos show in retina resolution, so even small thumbnails will reveal your face features. If you can’t make it look sharp and clean - send your photo to one the artists at Fiverr to make a drawing. It’s a large picture, right on top of your profile. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a 1 minute video at 30 frames per second is worth 1,800,000 words! That’s about 2000 lengthy blog posts, in just 1 minute. It may prove to be the hardest step, but it may as well become the most rewarding.both for the module of deano that for the standard dolphin module..TO SEE ALL MY NEW TEMPLATES FOR DOLPHIN 7.1 CLICK HERE: Demo Site Site Site Site Site Site update for all versions of dolphin Optimized for the latest versions of: IE, Fire Fox, Opera, Google Chrome, Safari Readme file detailed included The installation is very easy, anyway I can install this splash page for free (only the first time). Think to the tune of - “g) Upload 10 fascinating videos.