Shutterstock There once was a time in America — not too long ago — when the ebony and ivory piano keys, metaphorically, could not legally live in harmony. gradually warmed up to the idea of a Black and White union:1959 – 4 percent1971 – 29 percent1982 – 43 percent1995 – 48 percent2008 – 77 percent2013 – 87 percent Stats also show that Blacks have always approved Black-White marriages more than Whites.

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Unsurprisingly, Americans over the age 65 and residents of the South are least likely to support a racially-mixed family. They will just have to get over the fact that there are over 5 million interracially-married couples in the US, according to the latest census data. But which group, among all interracial marriages, are the most common? Take a look at the percentages behind America’s interracial combinations:points to “a steady flow of new Asian and Hispanic immigrants” in the West as the reason behind their high rates of interracial coupling.

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Whist these trends are a generalization, it is not uncommon to see happy interracial couples who have blended their traditions, and if you are one of those people who prefer to date outside your race, we have compiled some tips to help facilitate your non traditional dating experiences.

The diehards: Staunch traditionalists cannot conceive or tolerate the idea of their children interbreeding. Whilst there is still alot to do, interracial dating and marriage is far more acceptable in main stream society than previously with current trends slowly dissolving steadfast views.

Black men are more than twice as likely to intermarry than their Black female counterparts (24 percent vs. The latest data shows that 17 percent of Blacks in 2010 “married out” — compare this to nine, 26, and 28 percent of Whites, Hispanics, and Asians, respectively.

The mid-Atlantic region, according to , has the highest concentration of Black and White lovers — this includes Virginia, Maryland, and D. I know what you’re thinking, “Are any of these interracial marriages actually lasting? Interracial marriages have a 41 percent chance of swirling out of control.

With all the choice and online dating niches available for today's singles , cross cultural online dating is one niche that remains untapped and according to statisticians will remain that way due to a lack of potential demand.

Trends in the online dating scene strongly indicate that singles prefer to pursue romance within their own domain.

Thanks to modern technologies, the internet is also contributing to more interracial dating and marriages.

For singles with the desire to form relationships outside their race, online dating sites provide this opportunity.

Whether we like it or not, America is changing — and that’s in part to interracial blending.