But when i tried to open battlefield, it said: detected microsoft basic render driver is unknown.the required driver version is AMD, intel, nvidia, etc. please update your driver at amd.com, intel.com, nvidia.com, etc. @Gorath_the_Elder You are an absouloute legend I thought my pc was a rip off for 10k dollars, cause nothing was working for me!

battlefield 2 points not updating-61

The latest patch for Battlefield 4 on Xbox 360 is now available and purports to resolve some of the many issues players have been encountering, but, in order to be used, it must first be manually downloaded from the Xbox Live Marketplace.

As outlined by DICE, "Multiplayer Update 3" addresses the same problems as this week's PS3 patch: "This patch is mainly focused at increasing game stability and contains a number of crash fixes.

Hi everyone, Recently I've been trying to update my Battlefield 2 from 1.4 to 1.5.

It seems i have a problem and after searching the internet for hours i cant find a fix at all.

(THE ZAPETH, and all other who made the dedicated server from scratch) For how to install this, and setup client check the tutorial under the "files" section here in sourceforge page!

I like to play battlefield 1 but lately i've been experiencing some problems.

Battlefield 1 recommended that i should update my driver), so i did.

The problem is that in the loading screen for a game, as soon as the white loading icon in the top right corner appeared, the screen would freeze and eventually crash.

I am working to finish all the premium assignments and have completed all but the wench weilder assignment.