thanks amanda d-trojanator~ sorry it took so long to respond...i forgot my log in and everything..couldn't get in at home, i'm at work now...ssh!anyway, i don't have a router, and i had zone alarm, but i always shut it down, and since have removed it completely.

after updating ie cant view pages-7

Test this theory by running IE without any add-ons -- type "Internet Explorer" into the Start menu search box and choose the "Internet Explorer (No Add-Ons)" option.

If the issue is resolved, use the Manage Add-ons dialog within Internet Explorer to disable these plugins one by one until you identify the one at fault.

Run the troubleshooter tool from the Network and Sharing Center to look for potential problems and fixes.

If the issue only appears in Internet Explorer, ensure that you are running the latest version of the software via the Windows Update component of Control Panel.

Remove cookies, saved passwords and other cached data at the same time.

In addition, you can reset IE back to its original configuration from the "Advanced" tab within the Internet Options dialog using the "Reset" button.

Another possibility is that a third-party software tool is interfering with Internet Explorer's operation.

Ensure that all of your installed security programs are configured to allow IE to operate, and download and install the latest updates for each one.

You should remove it since it is of little value with the definion being of f date.

Uninstall Norton 2004There are several very good freeware antivirus software available. By the way do you have a firewall install and running? I thought I had tried everything, and was getting ready to wipe my hard disk and start over. From the posts I've seen around the net, I'll bet a bunch of folks are running into this problem.-Aaron More info: I had let my Norton subscription lapse by a few months, and then moved.

Check with the developer for an updated version of the add-on.