Recent studies suggest that the increase of myopia in children could be related to a decrease in the amount of time they spend outdoors.

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Sometimes people with undiagnosed myopia will have headaches and eyestrain from struggling to clearly see things in the distance.

What causes the eyeball to grow too long isn’t completely known, but researchers are exploring a number of factors.

It is particularly prominent among school-aged children living in urban areas in some Asian countries.

In the past, people thought children might become myopic from spending too much time reading and writing, which require close-up vision, or from reading in poorly lit rooms.

When you look at an object, light rays reflect off that object and pass through the cornea and the lens of the eye, which bend (or refract) the light and focus it on the retina at the back of the eye.

If you have perfect vision, the rays focus directly on the surface of the retina.A laser removes a precise amount of tissue to reshape the cornea and then the flap of outer tissue is placed back in position to heal.The correction possible with LASIK is limited by the amount of corneal tissue that can be safely removed.LASIK removes tissue from the inner layers of the cornea.To do this, a section of the outer corneal surface is cut and folded back to expose the inner cornea.High myopia is a severe form of myopia in which the eyeball continues to grow and becomes very long from front to back.