Such a sentence often applied when a sexual intercourse cannot be proven.” If a person is outed by the religious police via a trail the consequences can be severe not only in terms of punishments, but lifelong ostracising by the family, the community and reduced or almost no job prospects.“The person may simply become a social outcast,” adds Hamwi, “it is a kind of a social-death or in some cases may lead to persecution by the family until the person is killed to save the so-called ‘honour’ of the family.” Furthermore private communication is also not subject to what ordinarily would be considered in the West as the right for privacy.

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We believe that human rights are universal and that LGBT people should be free to enjoy the rights and freedoms to which people of all nations are entitled.” Condemnation of this case has been forthcoming from NGOs: A spokesperson for Amnesty International said :”Amnesty International is seeking more information on this case.

If the man reported in the Sabq story has been arrested and charged with homosexuality, Amnesty International would consider him to be a prisoner of conscience and call for his immediate and unconditional release.

Ahmad, a 37-year-old Saudi engineer, mentioned that he is concerned with using online dating services and websites.

“Anyone from the “Hay’ah”, (the religious police) can use those websites to entrap gay men.

When I lived in Medina, a neighbour who was a member of the religious police raped my neighbour’s son, a 12 year-old boy, at that time.

The same man entrapped and arrested a Pakistani national for homosexuality; the guy was whipped 80 times and before being deported.

Dammam is a largely Shiite area and if the 30 year old aforementioned man is a Shiite, he is likely to be trailed and sentenced harshly.” British Prime Minister David Cameron is visiting Saudi Arabia today – already under pressure to raise human rights abuses with his hosts.

A British Foreign and Commonwealth spokesperson told Gay Middle East: “We are aware of the reports and seeking further information.

Gay Middle East therefore thought that a user of any social networking site has a right for privacy and asked Facebook for their comments on the case and its possible ramifications.