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Another now-uncommon premium-rate scam involves television programming that induces young children to dial the number, banking on the notion that they will be unaware of the charges that will be incurred.

One variant, targeted at children too young to dial a number, enticed children to hold the phone up to the television set while the DTMF tones of the number were played.

Computer criminals have used premium-rate numbers to defraud unsuspecting Internet users.

One scheme involved inducing users to download a program known as a dialer that surreptitiously dialed a premium-rate number, accumulating charges on the user's phone bill without their knowledge.

The team says this is the ideal time to participate in (or just listen to) a conversation. Co-founder Jason Yeh, who left Greycroft Venture to join the Unmute team, says that the company has seen a ton of usage from teenagers, especially girls, who use the platform to chat with their friends.

But celebrities and influencers could also play a big role in the company, offering their fans a chance to speak to them directly and candidly without having to get done up and put on makeup like they’d have to for a Periscope live stream.

Ladies, to talk to interesting and exciting guys free, press one now. Press two to connect free now.’At first Roy Kennedy, a spokesman for Covered California, denied that the wrong number had ever been on the site but then admitted: ‘After investigating it further, we are reviewing the shop and compare tool as an incorrect number.

We’re currently working to correct the problem.’was unavailable for six hours in the early hours of yesterday, came back online for 30 minutes, and then began connecting visitors to its 'virtual waiting room,' a program that contacts users when the website has the capacity to serve them.

With the launch of Unmute 2.0, the Vo IP platform is introducing four hotlines where people can join the call to chat with strangers.