Oakland Police Department spokeswoman Johnna Watson said only that there is an investigation underway involving three officers, but wouldn’t give any specifics.

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Guap’s mother works with the police officers as a dispatcher with the Oakland Police Department.

In addition to the internal investigation, there is an ongoing criminal investigation happening in connection with the activities of the officers.

Oakland Police Officer Brendan O’Brien committed suicide last September about a year after his wife’s death was also ruled a suicide.

Investigators say O’Brien left a note that lead to an initial internal affairs investigation.

She said she had “harmless relationships” within the police department.

As recently as last month, Guap posted a picture of Oakland police officers dropping her off near her home. In another post, she says the only officer she messed with while underage is sadly gone.“We are entrusted by the community to protect, to serve them and to uphold the law.So we take the allegations very seriously,” said Watson.The book complements the curriculum of the class and gives families an opportunity to continue the conversation on these important topics at home.For questions about registration for a For Girls class, please email Great Conversations or call 206-789-2306. For more information please email Great Conversations or call 206-789-2306.The goal is to create an opportunity for pre-teens and adults to receive information together in an engaging format and relaxed atmosphere.