za reports that on July 1, a man linked to an obscure online cyber meeting space for alleged paedophiles with fetishes for the sexual abuse of babies in nappies will appear in a magistrate’s court in the Western Cape.

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The man is one of five people who were arrested in three different provinces earlier this year in a joint swoop by South African and Belgian police.

Although explanations by paedophiles in South Africa about their actions are not well documented, our research found that the reasons behind child sexual abuse is much more complicated and are partly dominated by a dance of denials, replete with contradiction.

Instead, the common denominator in the narrative included childhood adversities and socio-cultural factors such as patriarchal notions of manhood, and particularly the perpetrators’ beliefs about sexual entitlement.

Our study confirmed earlier research that revealed belief in sexual entitlement which chronicled one incident where a father raped his daughter because his wife was away from home.

All have been convicted for sexual abuse of children who are six or younger.

The perpetrators in the study did not use the virgin cleansing myth as an explanation for sexual abuse of young children.

Children as young as two were groomed in the minds of the perpetrators, practically considered to be adults, and often blamed for their own abuse because they were allegedly “seductive”.

On the other hand, their vulnerability and gender often positioned them as powerless objects to be abused in the eyes of perpetrators.

What became known as the “virgin myth” was among several speculations about what would account for high incidence of infant rape.