This is just one of several criminal cases Rizieq currently faces.

He is also under investigation for allegedly illegally occupying state land in Megamendung, a subdistrict of Bogor, West Java.

Online chat sex scandal-32

A website uploads the pornographic photos and videos and screen shots of the chat and now they've gone viral," he added.

"We submitted a CD and several print-outs of the photos.

These social conventions lean heavily on longstanding (and gendered) notions about public versus private space.

Public space is where we do the serious work of business and governance: it’s traditionally conceived as the rough-and-tumble world of men.

How do you participate without hurting others — or yourself?

How can you engage in divisive conversations so that you actually learn from them, and maybe even change your views?

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In a world in which so many of us not only receive our news online, but digest and process it there, a scandal like Ghomeshi’s is a recipe for getting mired in other people’s controversies — whether we want to or not.